Congratulations to Bea Awoniyi, SF Brand Ambassador for February 2019

Congratulations to Bea Awoniyi, SF Brand Ambassador for February 2019

Bea Awoniyi holding a plush Caesar Saint mascot and a Santa Fe College T-shirt
Bea Awoniyi with her Caesar Saint Plush doll after earning the CCS Brand Ambassador for Feb. 2019.

February 28, 2019 – Communications & Creative Services is proud to announce February’s Brand Ambassador – Dr. Bea Awoniyi.

One of the biggest messaging challenges we have on our campus is making sure that we consistently reach our own faculty and staff. Thankfully, we have Dr. Bea! She will not hesitate to raise her hand in a meeting, no matter the size, and recite rules from the college style guide. Often, this will be the first time someone has heard, for example, that “we are never just Santa Fe – that’s a car or a river or city in New Mexico – we are Santa Fe College!” The director of CCS witnessed this firsthand during an Access and Inclusion Advisory Board meeting this month when a mission statement was being collaboratively written and voted on by more than a dozen people. Without even checking her notes, Bea recited from memory the correct way to reference the college, including when to use an abbreviation after the first reference.

Dr. Bea is also a big supporter of the #SaintsOfSantaFeCollege series that premiered on social media and is also featured on our homepage. In addition to sending us amazing students to feature, she also reads through all their stories. One day this month when CCS was doing some backend testing, we accidentally posted a photo of a Saint who wasn’t ready to be published yet. It was only up for a few seconds, but Dr. Bea happened to see it. And she happened to click the link to learn more. And of course the link was broken, so she called CCS. “I want to learn more!!” she told the director. She explained further, “I paid to learn how to read and I want to get my money’s worth.”

Thanks for everything you do for our students, Dr. Bea, and thanks for being such a great ambassador for our brand. Just like you, we are Santa Fe College and we are opening doors.