Admir Besovic, Saint of Santa Fe College for April 15, 2019

Saints of Santa Fe College – Admir Besovic

Coming here rejuvenated me. I’ve grown a lot as a player, and outside of the court, too. Santa Fe College has helped, especially the coaching staff and how they’ve pushed me. Going into my sophomore year I had a much bigger role on the team and it helped me grow as a leader. I feel like everything I learned this year is going help me motivate myself next year* and after college. The past year made me realize that it’s not all about basketball. It’s about school and growing as a person and going out in the world after college. That will be tough, but if you have the right people around you, it’s a lot easier.

Admir Besovic, A.A. Business Administration

*Raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Admir recently signed to play basketball next year at the University of Arkansas Little Rock.