Sarah Blanc, Saint of Santa Fe College for April 29, 2019

Saints of Santa Fe College – Sarah Blanc

One of my favorite parts of working in Student Life is helping with graduation. Every department on campus contributes in some way, and we spend the entire week transforming the gym into a warm and intimate ceremony space. We have a lot of fun behind the scenes, but we take our responsibilities seriously because we know how important this day is to our students. The excitement is infectious as we welcome graduates and their families. Our students work so hard to reach this accomplishment and nobody takes it for granted. The families of so many first-generation college graduates and non-traditional students are brimming with pride. I love getting to meet our students’ families and making sure to cheer for the students whose families could not attend. It is such a powerful experience to witness hundreds of people coming together to celebrate education and how a college degree can transform our students’ lives.

Sarah Blanc, SF Civic Engagement & Service Coordinator