Summer 2019 Parking Reminder for Students, Faculty and Staff

Summer 2019 Parking Reminder for Students, Faculty and Staff

May 21, 2019 – Even though there is less traffic on the Northwest Campus for summer term, the Santa Fe College Police Department (SFPD) would like to remind students, faculty and staff that the rules for parking remain in effect.

If you have an employee parking decal, you may park in any designated parking area other than police, fire or disabled parking. Students can park in any available parking lot marked by white lined spaces. The blue lined spaces are reserved for employees. Lots 1 and 1A require a special permit.

Students, faculty and staff should also be aware that the campus speed limit is 20 mph. Parking in a service drive for the purpose of loading or unloading requires a permit which can be obtained from the SFPD. Bicycle traffic is restricted to roadways open to motor vehicles. Bicycle racks are provided and bicycles may not be taken into buildings or chained elsewhere. Skateboards, roller skates, Segways and other non-vehicular personal transportation are prohibited.

All traffic regulations are enforced by the SFPD in accordance with Rule 6.8 of the administrative rules manual.