Combass and Sanborn Named Advising Award Winners at Convocation

Combass and Sanborn Named Advising Award Winners at Convocation

Kathy Combass and Sari Sanborn received the Excellence in Advisement and the Advisor of the Year Awards during the 2019 Fall Convocation at the Santa Fe College Fine Arts Hall.

August 20, 2019 – The winners of the Santa Fe College’s 2018 – 2019 Advising Awards were announced during fall convocation Monday morning.

Sari Sanborn, Advising Specialist for the Emerging Technologies programs, received the Advisor of the Year Award. A two-time alum, Sari has served in various capacities at the college for many years. In her current role at the Perry Center, she can be seen demonstrating her passion for helping students. Sari attends, if not all, recruitment events, is a great promoter of the SF certificate, A.S. and B.A.S. program offerings. She has served on several search committees, the College Petitions Committee and the Advising Council, and most recently the One-Advising Professional Development Workgroup. Sari is a strong advocate for her students. She is skilled at meeting students where they are and is often able to help them realize their true potential. With Sari’s guidance and support, many students who previously limited themselves to simply completing a short certificate, ultimately achieve something they never dreamed of: graduating with a bachelor’s degree, all by taking it one step at a time. One of the most notable things about Sari is that she completes her work with a smile. She is always positive and welcoming to anyone she encounters.

Kathy Combass, the Advising Specialist at the Andrews Center, received the Excellence in Advisement Award. At the Andrews Center, she serves as the only advisor. Kathy goes above and beyond to serve her students. Because of the distant location from the NW Campus, the center serves as a “one-stop-shop” for students. Kathy works with different advisors from different programs to connect to Bradford County students to their areas of interest. In addition, she serves as the liaison for the Disabilities Resource Center, the Counseling Center and the Career Exploration Center. Kathy also works closely with high school and middle school guidance counselors. She has saved our students a lot of trips to the NW campus with her advice and connections, which is important since many of our students have a “transportation challenged” situation. Kathy genuinely cares about our students. She has an upbeat attitude, she is protective of our students and is always looking after their best interests.

Congratulations Sari and Kathy!