SFPD Investigating Potential Theft From Zoo

SFPD Investigating Potential Theft From Zoo

A prehensile-tailed skink is missing from the SF Teaching Zoo. Anyone with information should call the SFPD at 352-395-5519.

August 26, 2019 – The Santa Fe College Police Department is investigating the possible theft of a Solomon Island/Prehensile-tailed skink from the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo. On Sunday, Aug. 25, staff at the zoo reported the skink was missing from its exhibit.

After a preliminary check of the surrounding area, SF Teaching Zoo staff found no other animals missing, nor any enclosures disturbed. Although it is possible the skink, which is valued at approximately $1,000, was able to escape the enclosure on its own, it is considered to be unlikely.

The skink is approximately 18 – 20 inches long, green and brown in color with no other distinguishing marks. Anyone with any information should contact the SFPD at 352-395-5519.