Support for Students and Staff Impacted by Hurricane Dorian

Support for Students and Staff Impacted by Hurricane Dorian

September 5, 2019 – Santa Fe College opened Wednesday and the Emergency Management Team had its final meeting to discuss Hurricane Dorian Wednesday evening. The National Weather Service issued the guidance that the storm is no longer a threat to our area.

Reports from our Northwest Campus and our six educational centers indicate that there has been no storm damage to our facilities at any location. We are extremely grateful for that.

SF faculty are aware that many students come from areas that will be directly impacted by the storm and have concerns related to travel and their personal safety. With full support from the provost, faculty will be empathetic to the concerns of their students and will be accommodating when it comes to attendance, assignments, tests and other activities related to Hurricane Dorian.

Supervisors, department chairs and directors are aware that there may be staffing issues and will be empathetic and responsive about concerns of employees. Any SF employees that is concerned for their personal safety in the aftermath of this or any other storm can use leave time if they have it available, request an alternate schedule for the week, or make other appropriate arrangements with their supervisors. Human Resources is available to assist employees and supervisors in navigating this process.

The college is aware that several of our students are residents of the Bahamas and we are eager to know how we can organize our good will to help their families, friends and neighbors during this time. Please stay tuned to the Today and This Week for updates and opportunities. Santa Fe College students, faculty and staff are encouraged to visit for additional hurricane support resources.

The Santa Fe College Alerts page is activated during emergency situations to keep you informed about college operations.