Congratulations to Betsy Nunu and Shelly Varnedoe, SF Brand Ambassadors for September 2019

In case you haven’t noticed, Human Resources has been running in high gear for the Presidential Search. Communications & Creative Services noticed, and is truly grateful for the attention to detail that HR’s Betsy Nunu showed in preparing for events to welcome both presidential finalists. She consulted with CCS to determine the best ways to set the stage (literally) for the special events that were planned. Then she stayed in close contact, asking for help as needed. For example – when a tablecloth was unfolded only hours before a candidate’s reception, and it was revealed that it was sporting an outdated logo, she called CCS for backup. A tablecloth may seem trivial to some, but when you consider that it often serves as a first impression of our brand and that it could be captured in a photograph that gets circulated widely . . . it really does matter.

Speaking of first impressions, CCS is also honoring HR’s Shelly Varnedoe. Shelly recently extended a warm invitation to CCS to participate in the monthly new employee orientations. CCS is now able to onboard new faculty and staff with the college brand guidelines and a solid understanding of how to work with the CCS team and its project request system. She even graciously updated the orientation hand-outs so they would serve as an example of the official college look and feel.