Saint of Santa Fe | Lois Jones

Saint of Santa Fe | Lois Jones

Lois Jones in her Blount Center office with care packages for homeless students.

I started putting stuff like this together for homeless students; toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks, washcloths, toilet paper, deodorant, cologne, bath stuff, combs, wipes, powders, food. It’s love in a box. The only thing I don’t have is the shower.

Sometimes African Americans have a hard time opening up to people. They’re private. I’ve helped quite a few students throughout the years. I kind of adopted them. Many of them come back to thank me.

A young man came into the office who said his mom didn’t want him to go to school. But he said he was determined to go to school. He said ‘She put me out and now I’m homeless but I’m going to still come to my classes.’ So I felt that this young man was trying. I don’t know what was wrong with his parent. I told him anything you need and if I can do it, I’ll help you. So that’s what inspired me to put these care packages together.

I buy all the items out of pocket and donate it to the students in need. I also keep a list of different agencies that can help. Catholic Charities or Salvation Army or places like that. I’m more of a one-time help to get them on their feet.

My mom showed love to everybody. She would feed the whole neighborhood. It’s in my blood to care for others. It helps me to help people.

Lois Jones, Administrative Support Specialist, SF Blount Center.
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