Join in the SF February Photo a Day Challenge

Tag photos in social with #SFPhotoADay or @SantaFeCollege. 1.) Oak Grove 2.) Hot Cold 3.) Presidential 4.) Time 5.) Breezeway 6.) Center 7.) Planetarium 8.) Relax 9.) Nature 10.) Student Life 11.) Class 12.) Library 13.) Fine Arts 14.) love 15.) Food 16.) Play 17.) News 18.) Study 19.) Sign 20.) Movement 21.) Coffee 22.) Campus 23.) Zoo 24.) Saints 25.0 Subject 26.) Rock 27.) Museum 28.) Sports 29.) Your Choice
Take part in the SF Photo a Day Challenge

February 3, 2020 – Santa Fe College’s social media team invites students, faculty, staff and the SF community to take part in the SF Photo a Day Challenge in February. Follow along and take a picture each day inspired by the daily prompt. You’re encouraged to take pictures at SF but you don’t have to. The daily prompt is a guide and inspiration and intended to be open to interpretation. Feel free to post older pictures if you don’t have a new one you took that day. Tag the photo with @SantaFeCollege and include #SFPhotoADay in the caption so SF can find and share the pictures.