Saint of Santa Fe | Sienna Smillov

Saint of Santa Fe | Sienna Smillov

Sienna Smillov a Saint of Santa Fe College
Sienna Smillov, a Saint of Santa Fe College

March 10, 2020 – “In high school, I was shy and nervous, and I was kind of nervous when I started at Project SAINT (at Santa Fe College). But I got comfortable and made friends. I take classes with them. I even got to work as an usher at the Fine Arts Hall,” says Sienna Smillov, a student in Project SAINT, which stand for Student Access and INclusion Together.

Marin Smillov, Sienna’s father, is a big fan of the program. “We were so lucky to meet Linda Mussillo here with Project SAINT. I’m not exaggerating – what she’s accomplished in two years with Sienna and kids like her, the K-12 system did not accomplish, period. These students feel integrated into the college community and have hands-on classes. Most importantly, they improved her work skills to a point that she made the transition from school to finding a job.”

“At my job,” says Sienna, “I help serve with the elderly people. I do the menus and then I clear all the tables. I do the tablecloths and clear away all the crackers and the butter and stuff. In the future, I want to keep working.”

“To watch how this kid who couldn’t make eye contact is now all of a sudden doing all these things,” reflects Marin, “I’m proud of this kid.”