Faculty and Staff Adapt Quickly to Serve Our Students

Faculty and Staff Adapt Quickly to Serve Our Students

March 17, 2020 ––  It may be rescheduled a few times before it actually happens, but President Broadie is planning an epic employee appreciation celebration. And have we ever earned it! Everywhere you look right now, someone is going above and beyond, making sure our campus is safe and our students’ needs are served.

Our #SFCleanTeam is disinfecting high touch areas around the clock. If you see them in action, post them on your favorite social media channel and tag it with #SantaFeCollege so your communications team can share.

Our faculty and the staff in the Center for Academic Technologies and Training worked all weekend to train more than 100 professors to be ready to teach online Monday morning. For many it was the first time.

Check out this report from a first time online faculty member Aliesa Zoecklein, writing to instructional designer Andy Shepherd:

Today’s LIT1000 Zoom class went really well! …The students seemed comfortable and participated a lot (mostly through Chat). When students did use the audio, the sound quality was good.

The whole session exceeded my expectations by a mile! I couldn’t have managed such a feat without you and the whole team. I thank you all very much!

Regards, Aliesa

Many professors are finding its easier to let a student help manage the Zoom conferencing app and monitor the chat, so they can focus on teaching.  Whatever works! Students and staff members alike are learning how to use Microsoft Teams which integrates with Zoom and comes free with our online Office 365 suite. Many areas on campus have been using Teams for years to work more productively across their offices, including ITS, CCS and the Teaching Zoo. The desktop and mobile apps make it really easy to coordinate with coworkers, whether you are all at your desks, or in remote locations. When you use it’s chat feature, its just like sending a text message. Whenever any one employee needs to work remotely – because of a conference or in an emergency – its a lot easier if the entire team is on Teams.

Don’t forget, everyone can be a part of #SFCleanTeam – wash your hands, wipe down your counters and keyboards, cover your coughs and sneezes, and stay home if you are sick.