Access Items From Your Office By Monday Afternoon

Access Items From Your Office By Monday Afternoon

March 20, 2020 – As we end this week we are inspired by the adaptability demonstrated by faculty and staff moving all instruction and services online so quickly. Your cooperation and collaboration have been amazing.

Should you require any additional equipment, files, supplies or other property to facilitate your work from remote locations, please note that college facilities will be completely off limits as of 4:30 p.m. on Monday, March 23.

Santa Fe College will begin an intense cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of all rooms and all buildings on all SF properties. Once the buildings have been cleaned, they will be locked and not accessible to any student, faculty or staff member without exception.

Any SF employee who needs to retrieve an item must get approval from their VP before coming to the campus or center. Their VP will need to know when they will be arriving, what building they need to be in, what item or items are needed and why those items are needed. The VPs will notify the Santa Fe College Police Department and authorize the visit. If an employee needs to take their computers or other equipment to their remote work sites, their supervisor needs to know exactly what they are taking and what inventory control numbers are attached to those items.

The employees are also instructed to take extreme care of any items taken from their office, as those items must be returned once the college goes back to standard operations. Employees are also reminded the be extra vigilant about cybersecurity and safeguarding all student information.

College employees should monitor the SF COVID-19 webpage at, as well as information from the Centers from Disease Control and the Florida Department of Health for the latest updates concerning COVID-19.