We’ve got this. “Community” is our middle name.

We’ve got this. “Community” is our middle name.

March 20, 2020 –– With the college moving to online instruction and services, college photographer Matt Stamey is at home, helping to share official college responses with the combined 60,000 followers we have on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  With Open House and high school tabling events canceled, Tom Mason from Construction and Technical Programs and Julie Crosby from the UF@SF Center (or the “Gator Den”) have jumped into a  Microsoft Teams channel used by the Recruiting Committee to start reinventing the ways we can reach out with educational opportunities in our community. With three ceremonies cancelled, Dr. Naima Brown, Vice President for Student Affairs, sent a poll to our students yesterday asking if they would prefer to celebrate their graduate online – or wait until it’s ok to walk amongst large groups again.

Today, and every day this week, every single member of this institution of higher learning has stepped up to learn a new way to do what we do, without skipping a beat.

If for today you aren’t sure how or where to help, it’s ok. Here’s a few suggestions for you to keep learning about the college and some of the tools we have on hand:

  • Read our new college Brand Guide
  • Follow us on social media (see links above)
  • Listen to some of our Podcasts
  • Log into Canvas and finish any trainings assigned to you
  • Brush up on your Office 356 tools skills. Particularly important as we work remote is Microsoft Teams, which can be installed on your phone and includes an instant messaging component that lets you “Chat” with your coworkers. Remember that  while our Help Desk is open with extended hours, questions about O365 tools can be easily answered by searching on the internet. Tutorials abound!

While we may not publish it until tomorrow or sometime next week, you can send announcements to If you are an experienced writer or copyeditor (who has read and understands the Brand Guide, particularly the Language and Messaging section) and are able to lend your skills to the Today, send an email with your supervisor copied and we will be in touch.

Stay tuned next week, after things have settled down a bit, for more ways we that we can all stay in touch.

A facilities crew member blows leaves from the parking lot at Santa Fe College on Friday, Feb. 22, 2019 in Gainesville, Fla.  (Photo by Matt Stamey /Santa Fe College )