SPAM Email Alert

SPAM Email Alert

April 12, 2020 – Santa Fe College students and staff have been receiving SPAM emails. The current email indicates part-time job opportunities. The issue has been brought to the attention of SF’s Information Technology Services (ITS) and there this particular SPAM email should no longer be sent to your inbox.

The college stresses that you are highly unlikely to be solicited for a job offer in this fashion, and if you suspect you have received any SPAM email, forward it to for them to verify.

ITS offers some simple tips for how you should react when you encounter these types of emails:

  • Do you recognize the email address?
  • Do you know the person who is sending the message? Or, is it identified as coming from a generic department name that would exist in almost all organizations?
  • Is the email creating a sense of urgency to do something (reply to the message with personal information, click on a link, open an attachment, etc.)?
  • If there is a link, do you recognize the website it is trying to send you to? (put your mouse pointer over the link, but do not click it)

If you think an email is either SPAM or a phishing attempt, you can report it directly to Microsoft by using the Junk Email Reporting add-on in Microsoft Outlook by right-clicking on the email in question and selecting Junk à “Report as Junk”  or  “Report as Phishing”  (in webmail, you would right-click on the email and select “Mark as junk”)