Remote Operations to Continue Through May 15, Update on Summer Courses

Remote Operations to Continue Through May 15, Update on Summer Courses

April 18, 2020 – Santa Fe College President Paul Broadie II released the following statement to the college community Saturday afternoon

In keeping with our practice of continually re-evaluating public safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, Santa Fe College has made the decision to extend all remote operations until at least May 15, 2020. Access to all SF buildings and properties remain limited to essential employees with VP-level approval.

Additionally, we have decided to continue online instruction through the Summer A term for most classes. Certain programs identified by the Provost with a critical need to access specialized facilities or equipment may be excepted. Those programs approved by the Provost will collaborate with the SF Police Department and Facilities to access campus. Some traditional face-to-face classes may return to campus starting with the Summer B term, June 29.

The dynamic nature of this public health emergency poses obvious challenges to long-term planning. The college continues to consult daily with key health and emergency personnel and closely monitors guidance from federal, state and local health agencies to inform our decisions and ensure your safety and well-being. We will continue our assessment in determining when it will best for everyone to return to campus.

In preparation for that day, a committee of the Emergency Management Team is drafting a plan for a phased return to campus as well as procedures to ensure best practices for public health following all CDC and heath agency recommendations and guidelines to ensure a safe and organized return to campus. While we continue to work remotely, we encourage you to continue to find ways to stay connected and engaged. We appreciate all you are doing to serve students while staying safe. Enjoy your weekend.

Take care,

Paul,  Provost Bonahue, VP Armour, VP Clemons, VP Locascio, VP Brown, VP Barnes, AVP McClay 

Paul Broadie II, Ph.D.
Santa Fe College