SF Wants You to Focus on Wellness

SF Wants You to Focus on Wellness

April 29, 2020 – While we are all social distancing, staying home and focused on health, safety and our wellbeing, what better time to focus on overall wellness. Therefore, SF’s Human Resources will be continuing to provide links to a variety of benefits-related topics. HR is also kicking off a contest starting this week surrounding participation in at least 2 wellness-related activities each week.

In order to qualify for contest prizes at the conclusion, you must participate in two activities each week as noted below. One will be choosing from the list of the scheduled events and the other is performing some type of physical activity. The physical activity may be walking, participating in a workout video, horseback riding, swimming, gardening, running, lifting weights or any other form of physical activity and will be confirmed via a selfie. Please remember, we recommend that you consult your physician or other health care professionals before engaging in or increasing any kind of exercise.

Once you have completed the scheduled event and your physical activity for the week, send your selfie and confirmation of the completed event by email to  Eligible participants will be entered into a drawing at the end of our Focus on Wellness event.

Here are the Week 1 activities – you have until Wednesday, May 6, to complete.


1.) Deskercise – Desk Exercise Tutorial

2.) Healthier You – Choose at least one of the links below to learn about how you can work toward a healthier you

3.) Download a Free Exercise app – Download a free exercise app for your device. Such as free walking, jogging, yoga, pilates, etc. Whatever sparks your interest. Be sure to send HR a message so they can share it with others. Confirm by sending a selfie to

Come check out our new Well Santa Fe Team on Teams.  You can check out healthy recipes, look for new fun fitness ideas and see all about our Focus on Wellness event.