SF Zoom Accounts Moving to Single Sign On for Summer Term

SF Zoom Accounts Moving to Single Sign On for Summer Term

April 30, 2020 – Beginning with the start of summer classes at Santa Fe College, all access to Zoom will be through Single Sign On (SSO) using your SF credentials. Since the college shifted to online instruction and services, SF’s Information Technology Services (ITS) had to invite each user via email or have them create their own Zoom account with a different password.

By making this change to SSO, users won’t have to maintain a separate password to access their existing zoom account. They will also have the added benefit of additional security features including requiring meeting attendees to register in advance and only allowing authenticated users to join meetings. These steps should make a more conducive learning environment and reduce the risk of Zoom-bombing. Wits SSO, there will be one-click login access, which will work the same way O365 and Canvas does where you are atomically logged in across SF services within the browser.

To access Zoom, visit, and select the “Sign In” option. Sign in using your (, not From there you will be able to schedule, join or host a Zoom meeting.

As always, if you are having any technical issues, you can contact or call the SF Help Desk at 352-395-5999. You can also refer to the Zoom FAQ page for instructions to access Zoom on devices.