SF’s GRRATE Wins Award at STEM Showcase

SF’s GRRATE Wins Award at STEM Showcase

May 18, 2020 – Santa Fe College’s Guitars, Rocketry, Robotics Advanced Technological Education (GRRATE) program won the Facilitators’ Choice Award for their submission to the 2020 STEM for All Video Showcase. Earlier this month, nearly 700 presenters and co-presenters shared 171 short videos highlighting innovations in STEM education. Only 15 of these videos were awarded Facilitators’ Choice.

Groups of three facilitators from NSF-funded resource centers from various communities were assigned to a group of approximately 10-12 presentations. Each facilitator group recognized one presentation per group for recognition based on the following rubric:

  • Creatively uses video to share work with a public audience.
  • Provides an effective narrative that describes the problem that motivated the project.
  • Effectively describes the intervention, innovation or research.
  • Addresses the impact of the project (on participants, or educational practice or research and theory, or on other stakeholders) and how impact has been/will be measured.

GRRATE’s video was narrated and composed by Chelsea Carnes, edited by Miguel Maya and co-presented by Cheryl Calhoun, Shellie Banfield, Gina Greenidge, Cheryl Canova and Susan Warshaw. If you haven’t yet been able to see the video, it is still available online.