SF’s Carol Thomas Retiring After 45 Years of Service

SF’s Carol Thomas Retiring After 45 Years of Service

Carol Thomas in Africa holding a poster board sign with names of friends

June 5, 2020 – After 45 years of service to Santa Fe College, Carol Thomas is retiring. Carol began teaching at SF as an adjunct professor in 1975. During that time, Carol taught in the Physical Education program; teaching courses in aquatics, first aid and CPR. In 1977, Carol began her fulltime service teaching a variety of courses in the health core area for the Science for Health Programs, EMT skills lab and anatomy for the Practical Nursing and Dental Assist programs.

In 1982, Carol took over as the Coordinator of the Sciences for Health program. Because of her love for students and teaching, in 1986 she headed back to the classroom and resumed her full-time position as a professor for the Sciences for Health department. She maintained this position until Spring 2020.

Over the years, Carol has been instrumental in engaging SF with true international service experiences. Her work in Kampala, Uganda in HIV and AIDS compliance education, and psychosocial play therapy has benefited many Ugandan children and young adults. Her ability to get SF students and other departments on campus involved with her service-learning projects, elevated the international experience for many at the college and in our community.

Carol is a decorated teacher, dedicated employee, inspired mentor and friend to so many at the college. Her historical perspective, unyielding college involvement and desire to fulfill the college’s mission is noteworthy. Her love for her students, teaching and for never wavering from her ethical principles will always be remembered and admired.  Carol’s presence on campus will be missed by so many!