Saints of Santa Fe College – Kane Ahern

Saints of Santa Fe College – Kane Ahern

Kane Ahern is the Student Senate President

Sept. 14, 2020 –– I’m a product of the foster system here in Gainesville. My parents were not well enough to take care of me. So, I was raised in this wonderful family. I credit a lot of my character, my fire and passion for wanting to serve people – I get that from my adoptive mom. And from my adoptive father, I get the willingness to be a leader. I grew up with four brothers and five sisters . . .  so, I’ve learned to deal with working with a lot of people.

Here at SF, the inclusivity of everybody, the community that’s here, you don’t find at many places. Even at workplaces. Everybody here is connected like a family. That’s what I love the most about Santa Fe College.

Coming back as a non-traditional student, my mindset  definitely changed. I’m more devoted. I don’t quit as easily as I used to. I think a lot more critically. I also pre-plan my upcoming semesters better than I did before. I think about my health a lot. I need to give my body rest.. . .  I cook for a living . . . So I don’t select a class early in the morning if I know I’m getting off work late the night before. That just doesn’t make sense.

I’ll never forget that day I was in [Dr. Naima Brown’s] office and she asked how I was doing. I told her just like I’m sure a lot of other students told her, “I go to class, go home and go to work.” And she asked, what about getting involved with student clubs? So I got involved and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I love the students, I love Student Life.

Santa Fe College has helped me find my identity, and also helped me establish the authenticity of my character. As a student leader, I want my fellow students to realize that you might not be here physically, but your spirit is here and that’s what helps drive the college.

– Kane Ahern, SF Student Senate President, currently pursuing a B.A.S. in Organizational Management