Reminder: SF’s Brand Guide Includes Official SF Email Signatures

September 29, 2020 – Santa Fe College wants to remind the college community about the college’s official Brand Guide, which was released last fall. This online version replaces the older printed Brand Book and provides brand support for staff at the college.

The purpose of the Brand Guide is to cultivate and develop a consistent look and feel for all public-facing materials that promote the college. The Brand Guide has been reviewed and approved by Executive Leadership at the college.

The Brand Guide includes a comprehensive Guidelines section that details the rules for representing the college using its visual identity, language and messaging, social media presence, website, promotional items and more.

There is also a Toolkit section gives you quick and easy access to everyday items like business cards, email signatures – which also allow for preferred pronouns, logos, letterhead, flyer and Powerpoint templates, an A-Z style guide for writing about the college, and new widgets for website editors.