President Broadie Releases Message to the College Community

President Broadie Releases Message to the College Community

November 3, 2020 – Yesterday afternoon, Santa Fe College President Paul Broadie II, Ph.D. released the following statement to the college community.

Dear Santa Fe Family:

Our college has a long tradition of welcoming many perspectives and the people who bring them. One of our founding principles is that all students, faculty and staff be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect regardless of their differences. Embracing diversity of thought is as important as embracing it in people. We learn from those with dissimilar backgrounds, enriching the educational experience for everyone. This enduring commitment is a leading reason Santa Fe is a number one college.

During this election season, national polls show concern about the potential for protests, violence, civil unrest, heightened anxiety and stress, regardless of the outcome. At Santa Fe, when opposing viewpoints are expressed, a hallmark of our college has been that we respond with collegiality for all and respect for the individual. As an institution of learners, we value freedom of expression, open dialogue, civil exchange, and the opportunity to gain insights from one another. It is who we are.

Please know that the resources of our college are available should there be a need for support. If students need to speak to someone, our Counseling Center can be reached at 352 395-5508. Similarly, our Employee Assistance Program is available to employees at 800 624-5544.