Saint of Santa Fe | Sydnee King

Saint of Santa Fe | Sydnee King

November 30, 2020 – I taught my younger brother, he’s also homeschooled, up until this year. I help my parents teach him math, so that was kind of my job. My other younger brother, I have five brothers by the way, is also autistic but on a different level. So I’ve always had a big soft spot for people that have special needs.I’m actually hoping to be a special needs teacher. After high school I will be going to an online college and work to earn a bachelor’s degree in elementary and special education. 

Ethics Bowl is a lot of fun, it’s a hobby for me now. when college applications ask for academic achievements it’s the very first thing I put on there: ethics bowl captain and competitor on the college bowl team. I get quite a few comments about that.  

We currently live in one giant ethical situation here with COVID and the Black Lives Matter movement. So it is something I see myself using in daily life. My family is kind of set in their ways so I’m usually the one that’s like, ‘well, if you look at it from their side…’ So I do see myself using what I learn from the Ethics Bowl team in my everyday life. And with the area of teaching, there is a lot of ethical dilemmas in that because you are having to access what is the best course of action for that student.  

Being dual enrolled at the Andrew’s center is a nice way to meet other random students, especially in the student lounge. And my favorite professor right now, Megan Howells, really teaches her sign language class in a fun, personal way. My friends and I always eat lunch out on the picnic tables in front of the Andrew’s center. I like being in the Historic part of Starke because it’s a short walk to the town center down Call Street, the focal point of Starke.  

  • Sydnee King, Dual Enrolled, Home Schooled and Andrews Center student