Sidewalk Construction On North Road In Progress

Sidewalk Construction On North Road In Progress

January 15, 2021 – Santa Fe College is working to improve the safety and accessibility of the Northwest Campus by building sidewalks on both sides of North Road. Continuing a previous project that ensured safe pedestrian pathways near the SF Teaching Zoo and Gym, this project will continue those safe pathways from the north parking lots to the traffic light at NW 83rd Street. The project will take approximately two months to complete, and will be followed by future projects to continue improving our community’s safety.

When the sidewalks are complete, students, faculty, staff and community visitors will be able to enter campus safely and access the campus from North Road while staying away from motor vehicle traffic. The sidewalks are designed for accessibility, ensuring that everyone can navigate and access the college.

The construction workers will need to block off parking spaces on the shoulders of North Road as they work, but they will make every effort to minimize disruption to traffic flow. Even though the campus speed limit is 20 mph, motorists are asked to please slow down and use caution when driving past the work areas – heavy equipment is being used and driver sightlines may be obstructed.

Crosswalks will be painted across the parking lot access roads, and a new crosswalk will be marked across North Road near the Library with an accompanying speed hump. This will require changing vehicle traffic patterns temporarily, but we will be working to minimize the impact on drivers.

The Facilities Services Project Manager is Mark Thomas. Please send any questions or concerns by email at or by phone at 352-395-5525.