SF’s Spring into Wellness Event Kicks Off March 1

SF’s Spring into Wellness Event Kicks Off March 1

February 25, 2021 – Santa Fe College’s annual Spring into Wellness event will begin Monday, March 1, and run for a total of five weeks. All full and part-time SFemployees are eligible to participate. Each week of this event will focus on a different theme with a variety of topics. There will be weekly contest prizes in addition to a grand prize drawing for participants.

Each week participants must choose two activities from the scheduled events as well as perform some type of physical activity.  The physical activity may be walking, participating in a workout video, horseback riding, swimming, gardening, running, lifting weights or any other form of physical activity and will be confirmed via a selfie. Please remember, we recommend that you consult your physician or other health care professionals before engaging in or increasing any kind of exercise.

Once you have completed the scheduled events and your physical activity for the week, send your selfie and confirmation of the completed events by email to Employees who submit confirmation of their participation in two of the week’s events as well as their selfie, will be entered into that week’s drawing and the grand prize drawing (maximum five entries per employee).

Don’t forget to check out our Well Santa Fe Team on Teams.  You can check out healthy recipes, look for new fun fitness ideas and see all about our Spring into Wellness event.

You will have until Monday, March 8, to complete the activities for Week 1.


  1. Financial planning with
    • TIAA-CREF – Register for the TIAA-CREF Live webinar. Once you go here, you can click on the “Register Now” button and either login or create a guest profile to see available webinars.
    • Valic Financial Advisors / AIG Retirement Services – Register for live workshops and previously provided workshops on the Financial Wellness landing page
  2. FRS Investment Plan Members – For members of the Investment plan considerreviewing the quarterly News Letter.
  3. FRS Pension Plan Members – For members of the FRS pension plan, log onto your FRS Pension plan account and use the calculation tool for creating or reviewing a retirement strategy. 
  4. EAP – Log into our EAP provider, New Directions for resources on Financial wellness. Check out one of the following resources they offer:
    • Budget calculators, 1040 tax calculators, and credit card payoff
    • Estate planning
    • Investing Resources
    • Tax Resources