April is Counseling Awareness Month

April is Counseling Awareness Month

The American Counseling Association (ACA) designates April of each year as Counseling Awareness Month (CAM). This is a time of advocacy for the profession and celebration of the outstanding counselors in a myriad of settings as they seek to facilitate the growth and development of all people. The month of April signifies the recognition of all mental health counselors and the people who they are privileged to serve. We celebrate inner strengths, resiliency, overcoming barriers and reaching goals.
The Santa Fe College Counseling Center would like to tell you a few things about our professional counselors and services:

  1. We hold master’s degrees in the counseling field and are licensed by the State of Florida as independent practitioners.
  2. We are highly skilled with many years of professional experience and expertise.
  3. Our services are free to all Santa Fe Students.
  4. All services are private and confidential
  5. We provide counseling for an array of issues including personal problems, mental health and wellness concerns, academic concerns, academic success counseling, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, connection to community services, workshops on important topics and a weekly meditation group.

The Santa Fe Counseling Center recognizes that a decision to seek counseling can provoke feelings of nervousness, uncertainty about what really happens in a counseling session and confusion about what one is supposed to say or do in a counseling session. We would like to reassure you of the following:

  1. Your counselor will be genuine, non-judgmental and empathic.
  2. Your counselor will help you feel comfortable and safe during your session.
  3. Your counselor will help inspire hope and optimism for your improvement.
  4. Your Counselor will be flexible in adapting treatment to your specific needs, goals and personality characteristics.
  5. Your counselor is committed to you and the helping process. We invite you to go to visit our webpage and learn more about us!