Lisa Armour Named Interim Provost

Lisa Armour Named Interim Provost

Dr. Lisa Armour

May 25, 2021 – Friday afternoon, Santa Fe College President Paul Broadie II, Ph.D., announced that Dr. Lisa Armour, SF’s Vice President for Assessment, Research and Technology will serve as the college’s interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Armour will fill the position upon the departure of Ed Bonahue, who was recently selected as the new president at Suffolk County Community College.

Dr. Armour has a spent 31 years in higher education, with more than two decades within Academic Affairs. She has vast experience in both classroom and administrative roles. After joining the SF family 10 years ago, Dr. Armour has provided strategic direction for Information Technology Services, Institutional Research, Navigating the College Experience, and Human Resources.

“I am looking forward to working with Dr. Armour in her new role as she brings her leadership and talents to Academic Affairs,” President Broadie said of her. “Her accomplishments at the college and her leadership have been invaluable to our efforts to promote student success.”

Dr. Armour has been instrumental in a number of strategic initiatives including producing the current strategic plan, strengthening partnerships regional partners in education, business and government, utilizing data to help the college close equity gaps and more.

“I am excited about working closely with colleagues in Academic Affairs to build on the college’s rich tradition of supporting student success,” Armour said of her newly added position. “Student achievement of professional, civic and personal goals has never been more crucial.”