Saint of Santa Fe | Angela Gregory

Saint of Santa Fe | Angela Gregory

Santa Fe College Content Specialist and student Angela Gregory with her two daughters outside the Santa Fe Gallery on May 20, 2021.

“Twenty years after graduating from SF, I wanted to re-evaluate my career path. I reached out to SF’s Career Exploration Center and completed assessments for personality, interests and values to identify my strengths. The results pointed to careers that utilize creative thinking and problem solving. I enrolled in studio classes in SF’s Art Department.

Both of my pieces selected for the League for Innovation National Student Art Competition were made from materials I had no exposure to prior to class. I hope to challenge myself in the future to make larger scale pieces, maybe integrating LEDs, automata or other interactive components.

Having two children under five while working from home and taking classes has been challenging. Fortunately, I got both my daughters into SF’s Little School. I would not have been able to take classes without having that pre-school care for my kids.

When I was growing up, my creative talents were acknowledged, but there was an underlying notion being creative somehow meant I would not have a profitable career. So, I went to UF for a health science degree. I struggled with the large class sizes and the program wasn’t a fit for me. I left UF and joined the Marine Corps Reserves.After the Marines, I returned to Gainesville and settled into a full-time job. I took night classes at SF and got my A.A., later earning a bachelor’s from FSU. Then and now, I’d say that the energy and knowledge in the SF classroom, with students of all ages and diverse backgrounds, really enriched my experience.

My advice to my younger self and to my daughters – plan your future around your interests and strengths. In all of life, be an active participant, be open minded, ask questions and pursue that uncomfortable place within yourself that allows for discovery and innovation. “

Angela Gregory, Health Science, A.A. ‘99

In June, Angela will begin a new career serving as SF’s first Digital Content Specialist. See her award-winning work in this year’s Student Art Show.