Santa Fe College Monitoring Track of Hurricane Elsa

Santa Fe College Monitoring Track of Hurricane Elsa

Wind speed probability map from the National Hurricane Center for Hurricane Elsa.

July 2, 2021 – Santa Fe College officials are monitoring the track of Hurricane Elsa. As of 8 a.m. Friday, July 2, the National Hurricane Center reported that the storm had sustained winds of 75 mph and is tracking WNW at 28 mph. The National Hurricane Center is reporting that much of the Florida peninsula is within the projected cone for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, however it is too early to tell what impact there could be in the SF service district of Alachua and Bradford counties.

Santa Fe College administrators and the college’s Emergency Management team are meeting regularly to provide students, faculty and staff any needed information about the storm’s impact to the college’s service district. 

SF faculty and staff are encouraged to go to eStaff and verify that their emergency contact information is up to date. Students can also update their emergency contact information at eSantaFe. In the event of a closure, or other emergency information, the college will send notifications through text messages, phone calls and other means to alert the college community. SF’s Human Resources provided information last month on how faculty and staff can verify their information is updated and accurate.

Because it is a holiday weekend, SF employees should make the following preparations before leaving work today.

  • Refrigerators: Please remove all perishable food from refrigerators and place in break room trash cans and notify facilities. 
  • Trash: please leave all desk trash (paper, no food) in office trash receptacles.
  • Outside Signs: Programs should bring all signage inside. Notify Facilities of any hanging signs that need to be removed.
  • Windows: Please double check that windows in your area are closed and latched. Lower any shades. Close any vertical blinds. 
  • Computers and Electrical Devices: Please power down all computers and devices. DO NOT unplug any of your computer cords or cover computer with plastic garbage bag at any time.

If you have not done so already, it is also an ideal time to review any plans you have for preparing for a hurricane or tropical storm. The SF Weather Alerts page has valuable information on hurricane preparation.