Student Affairs Award Nomination Forms Now Available

July 12, 2021 – The charge of Student Affairs professionals is to help students thrive during their time at Santa Fe College and beyond. The division of Student Affairs values each staff member’s unique contributions to our students and we appreciate this opportunity to celebrate extraordinary contributions.

The Student Affairs Staff Awards call attention to the positive work being accomplished in the division. Awards include the Student Affairs Access and Inclusion Award, the Student Affairs Assessment Award, the Student Affairs Culture of Care Award and the Student Affairs Innovation Award. Nominations are encouraged from faculty and staff members of the division and college. Winners will be selected by the Student Affairs Awards Selection Committee.

Nominees must show a commitment to students through their job responsibilities, actions that support their department, division and/or the college by engaging in collaborative efforts with others. Nominees should demonstrate independent action, display resourcefulness, inspire creativity and exhibit leadership.

The Student Affairs Access and Inclusion Award recognizes a staff member, department or group within Student Affairs who has raised awareness, served as a catalyst for and demonstrated a sustained support for change in the areas of diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion. Nominees should be someone who promotes social justice and cultivates a respectful environment for students, staff and faculty.

The Student Affairs Assessment Award recognizes a staff member, department or group within Student Affairs who has taken the lead in offering robust, ongoing assessment and evaluation. Nominees have used data to guide decision-making, communicate progress and understand the impact of a program and/or service to students. Nominees should have shared assessment initiatives with other colleagues in the department and/or across the Division.

The Student Affairs Culture of Care Award recognizes a staff member, department or group within Student Affairs who has made a significant difference in the lives of students by going above and beyond in order to provide a culture of care, the highest ethical and professional standards in one or more instances in the past year. Nominees will be easily recognized as stellar citizens of Student Affairs who has consistently upheld our values and guiding principles.

The Student Affairs Innovation Award recognizes a staff member, department or group within Student Affairs who stand out with new ideas and initiatives to enhance the student learning environment. Nominees for this award will have shown initiative to innovate and create solutions that address a gap or need within their department or division.

Those who report to a Division of Student Affairs department will be eligible for nomination. A person can be nominated for more than one award in a calendar year but only be awarded one award. Past winners will not be considered for the same award the following year. The intention is that there is one winner in each category annually, however, special circumstances may call for more than one award winner or no award in a certain category at the discretion of the selection committee.

Please submit all nominations by clicking the links above and completing the form. All nominations need to be submitted by noon, Friday, Aug. 13. Awards will be presented at the 2021 Student Affairs Symposium.