Local High School Students Get Broad Support for College With SF Achieve

Local High School Students Get Broad Support for College With SF Achieve

November 4, 2021 – Having a college degree reduces income inequality and opens doors to new opportunities. Many students and families facing personal and financial challenges have come to believe that college isn’t for them. Thanks to the generosity of private donors, and partnerships with the public high schools in Alachua and Bradford counties, Santa Fe College (SF) is transforming the college-going experience with a new program.

“Starting with the class of 2022, we’re going to connect thousands of students with the futures they want and deserve,” said Quinten Eyman, SF Director, Recruitment & SF Achieve.

SF Achieve will provide students with robust mentoring opportunities right inside their high schools – embedded specialists who will coach them on career exploration, time management, financial aid and more. That mentorship will continue after students enroll at SF, along with a stipend to cover the costs of textbooks. Eligible students will also qualify for a full-tuition scholarship that picks up where financial aid leaves off, helping to pay for up to 60 credit hours at SF. With those credits, students can earn:

  • an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree if they want to transfer to a university;
  • an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree or certificate if they want to enter the workforce;
  • a bachelor’s degree, if they earn an A.A. with SF’s High School Dual Enrollment

In turn, the community will grow a stronger workforce, built upon the legacy of local families. 

“Our $40M transformational gift from the MacKenzie Scott Foundation helped lay the groundwork for launching SF Achieve,” said SF President Dr. Paul Broadie, II. “The future of this program will be sustained by a strong commitment from our community.”

High school students can sign up for SF Achieve anytime; there is no minimum GPA. Learn more at