More Than 2700 Participate in SF’s First Vaccine Incentive Program

More Than 2700 Participate in SF’s First Vaccine Incentive Program

November 9, 2021 – The SF Fall 2021 Vaccine Incentive Program has come to a successful close. 2083 students and 661 employees participated by timely notifying the College that they received the full complement of COVID-19 vaccine by Oct. 31, and each current student or employee who registered will receive a one-time $60 incentive.  

In addition to the $60, the college held a drawing offering 5 parking spaces for the spring term for students and 5 spaces for employees. 40 student registrants were also eligible for a $250 bookstore voucher for the spring term. The college announced the recipients of the parking spaces and the bookstore vouchers during a live stream Tuesday morning. Those who received one of the additional incentives will be contacted by either Student Life or Human Resources.  

College officials encourage students, faculty, staff and visitors to take the steps necessary to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus, including vaccination, wearing a face mask, social distancing and frequent handwashing among other measures. The college continues to work with our staff and health department contact tracers to investigate any reports of COVID. 

Please look out for another Vaccine Incentive Program in Spring 2022.