Penny Wars 2021 Update

Penny Wars 2021 Update

November 15, 2021 – Just a couple of weeks into Penny Wars 2021, and just $1.94 separates the students from the staff. So as not to influence anyone’s decision-making process, we will not reveal who is currently in the lead. Penny Wars is a part of SF’s United Way Campaign, with proceeds going to the United Way of North Central Florida.

Penny Wars pits SF students against staff members to see which team can raise the most money for the United Way of North Central Florida. The object is simple – each team gets points based on the money that gets put in their respective jars located across the Northwest Campus. Change adds to a team’s score, while paper money takes it away.

In addition to raising funds, and in order to make things just a little more interesting, there is also the annual “pie-in-the-face” at the end of Penny Wars. If the staff wins the competition, Student Body President Trevor Mathisen will receive a pie in the face courtesy of President Paul Broadie II. Should the students defeat the staff, President Broadie will get the pie in the face from Student Body President Mathisen.

The rules of Penny Wars are simple.

Positive Points:

  • Penny = 1 Point
  • Nickel = 5 Points
  • Dime = 10 Points
  • Quarter = 25 Points

Negative Points:

  • $1 dollar = -100 Points
  • $5 dollars = -500 Points
  • $10 dollars = -1000 Points
  • $20 dollars = -2000 Points

Donation jars are located in Coffee 101 in the Library, the lobby of Building S, the SF Bookstore, and the lobby of the Administration Building.

If you want to see Student Body President Mathisen get a pie in the face, put your change in President Broadie’s jar and put your dollar bills in President Mathisen’s. If you would rather see President Broadie get the pie in the face, put your change in for Mathisen and bills in for Broadie.

Updates on the totals will be provided here in the Today@SF as they are made available. Details on when and where the pie in the face will occur will be made available once everything has been finalized.