Student Exhibition for Graphic Design Will Be April 28

Student Exhibition for Graphic Design Will Be April 28

April 21, 2022 – Santa Fe College’s annual Student Exhibition for Graphic Design will be Thursday, April 28. SF’s Fine Arts and Entertainment Technology department will host both the exhibition and the awards ceremony live via Zoom. This momentous year marks the second group of graduates who have spent more time in class via Zoom than they have on campus – though thankfully more balanced than last year! To say the faculty are proud of their tenacity to succeed, is an understatement. There will be videos of the 2022 graduates, featured design work, portfolios to peruse, and a lot of smiling faces who are thrilled to get to celebrate their graduation!

As always, the exhibition will feature graphic design student’s best work in communication design, advertising design and digital media. And this graduate work will be reviewed in one-on-one sessions earlier in the day by professionals from IBM Design, PHOS Creative, LifeSouth, Frankel, Sign Universe, Commune & Memoir, Alachua County Library and Progressive Dental Marketing.

SF is thankful for the community of sponsors who continue to support the students. Gold-level sponsors year, thus far, include The Pentecostals, SCAD Media, Liquid Creative, CHW Consultants, Frankel and Gainesville Fine Arts Association. Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor for the event can contact Kelly Cartier at or 352-395-5579.

The Student Exhibition opens to the public and professionals Thursday, April 28, at 6 p.m. in an online Zoom meeting. The awards ceremony will begin shortly thereafter. If you would like to attend you can email Professor Shawna Mansfield for the Zoom details.