SF Launches $12M tranSForm Campaign at President’s Gala

SF Launches $12M tranSForm Campaign at President’s Gala

Santa Fe College President’s Gala at the SF Gymnasium on June 4, 2022.

June 13, 2022 – During last week’s President’s Gala, Santa Fe College kicked off a new fundraising campaign aimed at increasing scholarships, providing new academic opportunities and promoting culture and art in the community. The campaign – tranSForm – will run for three years with a goal of raising $12 million.

tranSForm becomes the first major fundraising initiative under the leadership of President Paul Broadie II, Ph.D. The president has long supported both academic programs that prepare students to enter their chosen career fields and the belief that art, and celebrating the Arts is vital to a well-rounded life.

“The tranSForm campaign represents the life changing impacts of a Santa Fe College education,” the president told those in attendance at the Gala. “It ensures our ability to clear a path and empower student success, invest in innovative teaching and learning environments, bolster the inspirational and educational value of art and culture, and promote economic mobility. Most of all it represents an investment where the impact will span generations.”

The specific goals of the transform campaign are in alignment with the college’s strategic plan focusing on a clear purpose, equitable experiences, growth mindset and seamless transition. By providing educational and cultural opportunities to SF students and the community as a whole, by making economic and social mobility a reality for all and by providing avenues to show everyone that a college education is something attainable, Santa Fe College is determined to offer tranSFormative experiences to students, employees and the citizens of Alachua and Bradford counties.

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