Public Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Public Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

July 13, 2022 – Every member of the Santa Fe College community has a role to play in keeping the college safe for all students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Wednesday, the college received two non-credible threats to the Andrews Center in Starke and the Perry Center for Emerging Technologies in Alachua. Santa Fe College police, along with local law enforcement evacuated and cleared the buildings and determined there was no threat to the college community. SFPD is working with other law enforcement agencies on this investigation.

Since late June, there has been an increase in the number of threats called into colleges and universities across the country, including at least a half dozen to schools in Florida.

The Santa Fe College Police Department reminds the college community to report any suspicious activity through their See Something, Say Something initiative. The college also offers safety information through the SF Safety and Risk Management webpage that includes what to do if you receive a bomb threat.

You can also access the SFPD 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 352-395-5519 for a nonemergency. For an emergency, call 352-395-5555 or dial 911.