Increased Traffic as K-12 Schools Start New Year

Increased Traffic as K-12 Schools Start New Year

All vehicle traffic must stop when a school bus has it's red blinking lights on. If there is an unpaved median of 5 feet, or a barrier, traffic heading in the opposite direction of the bus can continue to travel.

August 2, 2022 – Alachua and Bradford County schools will open their academic year Wednesday, Aug. 10. SF employees should expect to see increased traffic around area schools and remember that that reduced speeds in school zones will be strictly enforced.

Motorists should also consider school bus safety as the new school year begins. It is illegal pass a school bus when it is stopped, flashing lights are on and the stop sign is extended. The only time traffic in the oncoming lane is allowed to continue traveling is if there is an unpaved median of at least five feet, a raised median or a physical barrier separating the vehicle from the stopped school bus.

You can also keep up with the latest traffic information through the Florida Highway Patrol’s live traffic and road condition report, and through Gainesville/Alachua County Smarttraffic.