Saint of SF | Brittany Lovvorn

Saint of SF | Brittany Lovvorn

Santa Fe College photo of Brittany Lovvorn for the Saint of Santa Fe College series taken on Aug. 18, 2022 in Gainesville. Photo by Matt Stamey/Santa Fe College)

I always knew I wanted to work in healthcare. I come from a family of healthcare workers, firefighters, EMT workers and teachers. I learned from all of them that a selfless career can be a fulfilling career. My family has always lent a helping hand to those in need and I have always received joy from helping others. I believe this is why I have a love of fundraising and giving back to charities that give people hope.  

One of my favorite memories is from my sister’s 27th birthday. She wanted to perform 27 acts of kindness. We drove around Gainesville all day; taking baked goods to the fire departments, going by old schools to give gratitude to former teachers that encouraged her to go into education and so many little things that made a big impact. It was the best day; happy and heartwarming. 

Most recently, during a rotation at Shands, I donated toys to benefit the children under the care of the UF Health Pediatric Emergency Department. What started with the announcement of a small personal donation on Facebook resulted in an overwhelming response of support and donations from friends, family, fellow SF students and even friends of friends started donating to the cause.  

The empathy and compassion of others expanded the opportunity to help bring smiles to so many children. Providing some sense of normalcy and excitement to a hurt child, or a child that is scared is such a gift. In that moment, the hurt is forgotten and a smile warms the room. That moment is why I give. What started as a single post on Facebook resulted in a total of $650 dollars and $50 in goods donated. I would like to repeat the donation in the future with a more organized approach to make an even greater impact for more kids. I would like to recruit the entire Radiology class and see what kind of a difference we can make together.  

Santa Fe College has been my collegiate home since I graduated high school in 2006. My parents, Allen and Gayle Lovvorn have always been supportive of my goals. I have worked full-time throughout my college career and once my father passed, it was hard to get back to the hustle of life, but my mother swooped in with the same love and support she has always had for me, I graduated with my bachelor’s the next year. 

I look forward to getting my 3rd degree from SF next year. Through professors and peers, I have learned that slow and steady is a path to be proud of. Here I am not just a student ID number, but a student they care about and assist me in making educated decisions along the way.  

After graduation, I plan to spend some time perfecting my craft. I hope to be able to combine the skills I’ve learned through the Radiology program with the practical managerial experience I obtained after completion of my bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration. I also hope to continue my efforts to give back to those in need of hope and make a difference in the lives of others. “ 

Brittany Lovvorn, B.A.S Health Service Administration and current Radiography A.S. student