SF Achieve Scholars Enrolling Next Fall Need Your Help!

SF Achieve Scholars Enrolling Next Fall Need Your Help!

The SF Achieve program, which is bridging achievement gaps and making college a reality for thousands of students, is looking for new mentors for hundreds of SF Achieve Scholars enrolling at SF in Fall 2023.

Now in its second year, SF Achieve is a partnership between SF, and public schools in Alachua and Bradford counties. It focuses on improving the college-going culture in those counties, in part by offering college coaching and a scholarship to remove financial burdens from in-district public high school students in-need.

The next group of SF Achieve Scholars is set to enroll at SF in the Fall of 2023. To help ensure their success, SF Achieve pairs these new students with a member of the SF faculty and staff who will serve as their mentor while they are enrolled at the college. The program needs at least 100 new mentors.

Mentors will be asked to check-in with their assigned students each semester, and serve as a point of contact to help facilitate connecting those students to college resources. In most cases, mentorship takes at most, about one hour per week. Training for mentors will begin in early 2023.

Only full-time employees will be considered as mentors. SF Human Resources has confirmed that this service to the college is considered compensable time and should be considered as part of the employee’s 40-hour work week. If you’re interested in serving as a new mentor, please fill out this form. You will be contacted with more information, and your supervisor will be contacted to get his or her support.

For any additional questions, or if you are a current SF Achieve Mentor who can mentor more students than already assigned, please contact Quinten Eyman, the Director of Recruitment and SF Achieve at