Organizational Restructure in Advising

Organizational Restructure in Advising

November 28, 2022 – Vice President Naima Brown is pleased to announce an organizational restructure that will positively impact the student experience at Santa Fe College.

Effective Dec. 1, 2022, Dr. Andrea Evangelist will be promoted to Director, College-Wide Advising and Career Exploration. Formerly, the Director of A.A. Advising and Career Exploration, Dr. Evangelist’s new role has an expanded scope. With a razor-sharp focus on retention, completion and post-graduation success, she will lead the college’s advising functions and will work directly with the AVP’s, directors, chairs and associate directors who have advisors in their reporting structures.

Andrea Evangelist

With Dr. Evangelist’s leadership, the college anticipates more consistency in student-advisor interactions, greater exposure to the various program pathways related to academic goals, and a significant increase in career exploration. Even more, Dr. Evangelist will provide a uniform on-boarding process for new advisors, introduce more NACADA-based professional learning for all advisors, and expand advising use of the college’s electronic resources to assist students. Dr. Evangelist will also chair an Advisory Leadership Council made up of those leaders who support advisors. Collectively, this group will assess advising, compile annual reports, and make data-informed decisions about advising across the college.

Thomas Beckwith

An additional component of the restructure is a promotion for Mr. Thomas Beckwith. On Dec. 1, Mr. Beckwith will move from his current role as Coordinator, A.A. Advising to his new role as Associate Director of A.A. Advising. Mr. Beckwith, who is a member of the 2021-2023 Class of Emerging Leaders in NACADA, will oversee the day-to-day functions of the A.A. Advisement Center. He will also provide overall leadership and direct supervision to A.A. advisors. As Associate Director, Mr. Beckwith will continue to report directly to Dr. Evangelist. The college expects this to be th smoothest possible transition.

Finally, the college is conducting an internal search for two Advising Specialists (one from Student Affairs and one from Academic Affairs) who are interested in assisting with college-wide advising projects related to advising technology, transfer initiatives, advising materials, and/or student outreach. Selected advisors will assist with special projects while continuing to fulfill their current duties and will be compensated with a stipend. Qualified advisors who are interested must email a letter of intent, resume/curriculum vitae, and letter of support from their direct supervisor to by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 1.