SF Spotlight: Zephyr

SF Spotlight: Zephyr

February 21, 2022—Zephyr, Santa Fe College’s literary journal, is not your mother’s literary scene. With articles like “My Lard: Love and Hate Relationship About my Jacket” by Cassandra Webster and “Farts and Girls” by Ian Jackson, Zephyr seeks to open the doors to topics that many may find uncomfortable to discuss.

Members of the Zephyr Editorial Board meet at the Santa Fe College Davis Center

“It was a great example of how a student-run organization works,” remarked Rebecca Johnston, Assistant Professor of English and faculty advisor to Zephyr. “The faculty advisors did not want the piece to be considered due to its topic, but as it does not violate student conduct codes, it was forwarded to blind review and the editorial board loved it.”

As an outlet for student creativity, Zephyr aims to build student confidence and provides the training ground for students to gain experience in the world of publications as authors, publishers or editors. As a student-run and student-led publication that is published every spring semester this year, Zephyr is exploring themes related to diversity and inclusion, allowing space for all SF voices to be heard and allowing for submissions in poetry to be in more than one language.

“Students who were selected for publication in last year’s edition have gained an immeasurable amount of confidence. The publication validates their abilities as writers and as creators. Zephyr also opens the door for them to connect and network with other student creators. Once students see their work does have value, they are more likely to keep creating and to move forward with submissions to other publications.”

Zephyr accepts submissions of poetry of up to 67 lines, short stories of up to 3,000 words, photography, art, as well as the lesser submitted but highly sought-after one-act plays. Submissions are judged by an editorial board that consists of students who serve in various positions within Zephyr and is done by blind review, meaning names are removed from submissions in order to avoid any bias or favor. Reviewers use rubrics to grade each submission, where the ones with the highest grades are published.

“I love seeing the confidence the publication instills in our students. Confidence is often the key piece that is lacking in young writers, and as faculty advisor, I get to be a part of instilling confidence in SF Saints across all campuses and centers. I love that,” commented Professor Johnston.

Zephyr is published by the English Department, with free copies always available in the Department office, SF Library, Student Life, My Brother’s Keeper, LGBTQ Center, Dual Enrollment Office and Veterans Affairs.

If you or someone you know is interested in submitting to Zephyr, please send your submissions to; the deadline this year is March 3rd. Submissions must have been created during your time at SF and are open to all currently enrolled students. Any art that is submitted should be submitted in a form that can be published.

“Submit. Even if you do not think your work is good enough, submit. You will not know if it is ready for publication unless you try. All submissions will be judged under blind review, so there is little risk in submitting. Try,” asserts Professor Johnston.