I Teach… |Alejandra Maruniak

I Teach… |Alejandra Maruniak

“As a student, I did not know what I was going to do professionally. Originally, I wanted to be a marine biologist, but I lived in a country with no access to the ocean. So, I decided to study biology and as an undergraduate student, I realized how much genetics fascinated me. I ended up getting a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and now I teach biotechnology so my students can cure genetic disorders, help feed the world population, or manufacture biopharmaceuticals. It is while you are studying and trying several options that you learn what really interests you.  

Currently, I teach heavy laboratory-oriented biotechnology courses. Prior to doing any procedure, the students and I go over the multiple applications of the methodologies to clarify their significance. I also like to share scientific/research experiences; I used to do research at the University of Florida with viruses that either infect insects or are transmitted by insects.  

I love science and finding answers using the scientific method. I believe higher education institutions offer optimal conditions to continue learning about the cutting-edge methods I teach. Moving forward, I aspire to strengthen the international biotechnology internship program at Santa Fe College that takes students to Brazil to experience a wide range of biotechnology applications while also exposing them to a different culture.  

The power of teaching is apparent due to its logarithmic properties. Recently I had the gratifying opportunity to interact with a former student who is now involved in teaching in laboratory and hospital settings. It is extremely rewarding when former students contact me to share their biotechnology working experiences and are interested in recruiting more of the current students. I always say that our students are the best ambassadors of our program!  

 Never stop being curious!”  

 – Alejandra G. Maruniak, Ph.D. 
Professor, Santa Fe College, Industrial Biotechnology Program at the Perry Center for Emerging Technologies