SF Completes Thirteenth Habitat for Humanity House

SF Completes Thirteenth Habitat for Humanity House

Santa Fe College’s 13th Habitat for Humanity house moved to its permanent location in High Springs.

June 13, 2022 – Last week, the 13th Habitat for Humanity home built by Santa Fe College students in Construction and Technical programs rolled off the Northwest Campus and to its permanent home in High Springs. The house is built by students preparing to enter the fields of carpentry, HVAC, electrical and plumbing. They work along with crews from Habitat for Humanity. The family that will ultimately receive the home also puts in several hours of work for Habitat building homes.

“We are proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity and the Builders Association of North Central Florida to build these homes,” SF President Paul Broadie II, Ph.D. said. “It is one of the clearest demonstrations of our mission of adding value to the lives of our students and enriching our community.”

Work on each house begins in the fall and the students work throughout the year to get the home ready to leave the Charles R. Perry Construction Institute (Building O) in late spring. Once it arrives at its permanent location, the home gets a few final finishing touches before the keys are given to the new owners.

“This is a great opportunity to give our students the hands-on training and real-world experience needed, while supporting a deserving family and making the dream of home ownership a reality,” SF’s Construction and Technical Chair Rod Thomas added. “Every house our students help build is an incredible accomplishment, and we are excited to continue our partnership well into the future.”

Work on the 14th Habitat house will begin in August.