We’re Here to Help: SF’s International Student Center

We’re Here to Help: SF’s International Student Center

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October 2, 2023 – Where do you want to go today?

Where you are going is just as important as where you come from. Destinations change. Some remain unknown. Santa Fe College (SF) sets life’s travelers back on track.

SF’s International Student Center is the hub for domestic and international students to connect with each other and the world. Located in Building S on SF’s Northwest Campus, the center serves students who have visas and related immigration issues, want to continue their education here and abroad, and more:

  • International Student Services (ISS): Helps international students with the admissions process and current students with immigration advising and course registration.
  • International Student Support and Advising (ISSA): Provides academic support to SF International and F-1 students transitioning into the United States.
  • International Education: Offers students global opportunities including the Global Scholars Program, study abroad, virtual exchanges, international events and more.

Are you an international student considering attending SF but do not know how to register for classes? Schedule an advising appointment to meet your advisor and discuss any questions or concerns you have. You can also seek help through our digital lobby that is available at 

Are you a domestic student who is excited to start your international education journey? Seek new horizons with SF’s study abroad programs. Learn more about the world — and yourself — in one of our short-term faculty-led programs.

The International Student Center is also the waypoint for global citizens to learn new languages. Stop here to get information on English for Academic Purposes (EAP). These courses help students develop the vocabulary to succeed in college course work. You can explore reading, writing and communications classes.

Do you already know English? If so, then expand your knowledge by diving into SF’s other foreign language courses. Languages are gateways to learning about other individuals and societies. Learning one could direct you to a new home, job or life. 

SF is committed to preparing students who want to find their place in a vibrant, multicultural community. From support to opportunities, the International Student Center is one stop worth making.

For information about the International Student Center, visit