Project SAINT Promotes Lifelong Inclusion

Project SAINT Promotes Lifelong Inclusion

Students walking on sidewalks

October 26, 2023 – Project SAINT provides more than education. The program offers students “a small, selective, intensive, modified (non-credit) college experience for young adults under age 25 who have intellectual disabilities.” The keyword is “experience.”

Attending college is more than learning new skills. It’s about participating in campus activities. It’s about meeting and engaging with new people. It’s about gaining experiences in order to face the world at large.

People with unique abilities often miss out on these experiences. Project SAINT not only empowers students to get to work like any college student, but also connects them to events and encounters that enrich lives. If not for Project SAINT, students like Alberto Couret might be deprived of the college – and life – experiences some take for granted.

“Being an academically-oriented family,” Alberto’s mother Angela said, “where the expectation growing up was that everyone goes to college, Alberto’s few opportunities for continued education proved very disheartening, to him and to all of us. Incredibly fortunately, Alberto joined Project SAINT and his/our dream has come true!”

Alberto dove into his academics, perfecting his reading and technological literacy. He befriended teachers, mentors and classmates, honing his social skills so he can effortlessly meet people outside of campus. He’s also learned valuable skills like time management so he can travel unassisted to and from class or work.

Alberto’s story shows that Project SAINT is not just a stepping stone to a dream job – although it could be – but support for a student’s life plans for independence and growth. The support does not stop once a student graduates. Students can expect follow-ups for up to five years after graduation.

“Everyone has been helpful and genuinely interested in his well-being,” Angela said. “Thanks to everyone who makes this wonderful experience possible for Alberto and so many others like him.”

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