CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Tommy Maple – Promoting Student Engagement

CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Tommy Maple – Promoting Student Engagement

Santa Fe College professor Tommy Maple

November 8, 2023 – Tommy Maple is a Professor of Communications and whether he is in class, organizing a club, or grabbing Krishna lunch outside, you’ll always see Tommy interacting with a student. A Santa Fe College graduate himself, Tommy knows the struggles of balancing work, life and school. Because of this, he can relate to students in an authentic way. 

Tommy uses simple and effective strategies to make every student feel seen and respected. He learns the names of his students the first week of class and gives them his undivided attention when they interact. These relationship building strategies make him a master at student belonging.

For more on Sense of Belonging, see the Student Experience Project.

Learn more about Tommy’s work here.

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