We’re Here to Help: The Lawrence W. Tyree Library

We’re Here to Help: The Lawrence W. Tyree Library

Four students walk down the front steps of the Lawrence W. Tyree Library

November 27, 2023 – The Lawrence W. Tyree Library is more than a place students go to study or perform research. The library “serves the entire SF community – students, staff and faculty,” Nance Lempinen-Leedy, Library Director said. From academic support to entertaining diversions, the Tyree Library is a source of enrichment.

The library’s history began in 1966 when Santa Fe College opened. The library was located in the former Buchholz Junior High School building on West University Avenue in Gainesville. The library moved closer to home in 1973, taking up residence in Building G on the Northwest Campus. In 1978, the library moved again, this time into a facility named the Learning Resources Center in Building P.

The Lawrence W. Tyree Library opened in 2002. Named after the then out-going president of the college, the building evolved to include a coffee shop, computerized classrooms and other features meant to align with the community’s evolving needs. Everyone is welcome to come and study or borrow from the library’s varied collection.

Lempinen-Leedy wants to stress the library’s accessibility. Some people might view a library as an intimidating institution and avoid visiting one. Today’s libraries are vastly different from traditional perceptions.

“It’s not uncommon to be afraid of asking for help from a librarian,” Lempinen-Leedy said. “At the Tyree Library, everyone is welcome, and all library staff love to answer questions and connect people with the resources they need to succeed. Library staff are helpful, resourceful and dedicated to student success.  Ask us, we will help!”

The Tyree Library also offers the SF community an assortment of educational and entertaining material as well as items one might not expect to borrow from a library.

“Collections,” Lempinen-Leedy said, “range from academic resources – such as books, eBooks and databases – to technology such as phone chargers, calculators and laptops, to fun items such as vinyl records, movies and popular novels. There’s something for everyone!”

The Tyree Library provides more than educational and recreational opportunities. College libraries are a popular choice for student employment due to their convenient locations on campus and the supportive environment they provide.

“At the Tyree Library,” Lempinen-Leedy said, “our student staff report that they like being part of a diverse community and how ‘having a student staff of different backgrounds [makes] college students feel more comfortable reaching out for help.’”

Libraries support the community in numerous ways. They are the best places to dream, discover and do. Visit the Tyree Library and see where you’ll go from there.

The Lawrence W. Tyree Library (Building Y) is located on SF’s Northwest Campus. For hours, events and more, check out