Saint Of SF | Joseph Jester

Saint Of SF | Joseph Jester

Santa Fe College Joseph Jester, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, dressed in a suit and bow tie, leans against a pole in a campus walkway

November 28, 2023 – Joseph Jester has had an expansive career at Santa Fe College. He started as a Tempforce custodian in 2004 then became a Career Service custodian, a Dispatcher at SFPD, a Program Assistant for the Testing Center, an Academic Assistant for SDL, and an Administrative Assistant in Student Empowerment before settling into his role as Executive Assistant for the Vice President for Student Affairs.

“I have worked at Santa Fe College since 2005,” Jester said, “and each job has provided learning that led me to the next job. I have loved working here and meeting new people and making friends.”

Jester’s SF experience began in 1979 when he took ENC1103 with Grace Nettles and didn’t end there.

“I took ceramics classes in 1988 and 2004,” Jester said, “because I love making hand-built pottery. I also took some business classes in 2007. I took ENC1103 because I love English, and my mother recommended the professor. I took business classes because I wanted to learn skills that would be useful in my career.”

Jester’s community contributions include using what he’s learned in business classes to help students succeed and graduate. His English and creative writing education fuels his passion to create novels that he hopes “will provide enjoyment and inspiration.”

Joseph Jester’s professional progress itself is inspiring. When asked how he went from being a night custodian to an executive assistant, our Saint of SF answered, “Doing your best work wherever you are and [in] whatever you are doing and constantly learning and striving to improve.”

Thank you, Joseph, for exemplifying Santa Fe College’s mission to add value to the lives of our students and enrich our community!

Santa Fe College Joseph Jester, Executive Assistant to the Vice President dressed in a suit and bow tie, stands with his fingers clasped in front of him in a campus walkway

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