SF Focus Group Uncovers Syllabi Insights

SF Focus Group Uncovers Syllabi Insights

Santa Fe College's Clock Tower on the Northwest Campus.

December 15, 2023 – The Learning Commons recently teamed with Bobby Hom (QEP) and Leslie Rios (CTLE) to conduct a focus group involving faculty members and students to explore how course syllabi could better support student success.

The group found that:

  • First-year college students could benefit from a tutorial on using syllabi, a tool not commonly used in high school.

  • Interactive activities like syllabus quizzes boost confidence and student engagement.

  • An approachable syllabus includes student-friendly language, organized content, resources and links to assignment examples.
  • Standardized sections in syllabi, shared by all faculty, ensure easy recognition of crucial information like schedules, grading policies, contact details and learning outcomes. 

Contact Lee Delaino or Bobby Hom for more details.